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Grave of mind - SUGAR fan community
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***community for SUGAR fans***

SUGAR addicted

Guitars : SIZNA
Bass : KOTO -
(leaves after 07.12.29 oneman) so, from 2008 January 1st, SHINGO - 真悟
Drums : ATSUTO - 篤人

SUGAR is a Japanese band who started making music since middle of the year 2004. They started to get famous in 2005 with the release of their first maxi single “mental sketch modified”, now sold out. They then released a single, “berry” which is now sold out too, at the beginning of the year 2006.
The music is a nice and elegant mix of jazzy and crazy guitar riffs, funky and sexy bass melodies, stunning and technical drum parts, and deep and low voices.

If you like them, and you have the opportunity to be in Japan when they play, feel free to go to their shows. They are very dynamic, and full of energy and emotions.
Loki has a very nice and sexy charisma. Sizna is like posessed by the devil but he’s really nice and funny. Koto is calm and concentrated on his parts, whereas Atstuto can be regarded as one of the most talented drummers in Japanese indies music. Shingo has a very nice technique and gives a new energy to SUGAR.

The goods table is always full with nice goods (photosets, stickers, Cds, magazines). If you manage in Japanese, feel free to write the “enketto” and give it to the staff (by joining the LJ community, you'll find a translation of it!). On some shows, they can give free CDs (like on their first oneman, on 06.08.26, for example).


+ ridicule/dry flower – 05.02.01 –
+ mental sketch modified – 05.08.17 –
+ berry – 06.01.10 –
+ compilation with Calmando qual and Candy spooky theater – 06.05.06 –
+ grave of mind – 06.07.26 – First edition comes in limited digipack.
+ rotten words - 07.02.21 - First edition comes with trading card.
+ yokusou - 07.07.11 - Edition sold at 2man with KAYA on 07.01 was with a bonus making DVD.
+ sweet circus -07.09.15/17/29) - Limited CD sold only at Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo oneman. Each oneman CD has a different cover.
+ Blossom, "Sweetest"'s single, - 08.01.16.
+ Sweetest, 1st album. 2 versions will be available. A standard one, and one with "blossom" PV, 08.03.05.
+ Antlion, accoustic. A masterpiece - 08.06.18
+ Ruddy Afterglow, single. Limited version comes with a DVD with PV. 2nd press comes with "ridicule" live version. 08.07.16
+ 【Re:261156】addere - mini album. As requested by fans, one new song, and old SUGAR songs recorded again with 真悟 on bass. First press come with a DVD with live extracts from 8.31 show.

★★★Feel free to join the community!!!★★★
(but of course there are rules...)

Please respect each other and post only appropriate things. Scans,videos, translations, tracks are posted in FRIENDS ONLY entries.
By joining this community, you'll find scans of SUGAR appearances in magazines such as SHOXX and CURE, icons and gifs, and links to download some videos and tracks. I also post from time to time, translations I made from members'official blogs.
THE RULE is that you don't claim them as your own, and don't post anything from the LJ community anywhere else without MY permission.



★Please support the band by buying their CD. Third stage, Brand X or even closet child sell SUGAR CD.